Visit from Miami University

Date: June 22nd 2013

Text by Gloria Ganang & photo by Tee Thye Lim

Students from Miami Dragonfly Classes, Miami University recently visited BSBCC. The students were divided into 2 groups:

Borneo I: 18 students & 2 instructors came on 10th June 2013
Borneo II: 19 students & 2 instructors came on 21st June 2013.

Wong, BSBCC’s CEO & Founder gave the students an exclusive tour. He also gave an outstanding talk on sun ans shared his personal experiences in doing research on sun bears.

Borneo I students: Watching one of the sun bears climbing a tree

Wong giving a talk about sun bears at the platform

Borneo II group session with Wong

Group photo with Borneo II !

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