Damai, Sun Bear Cub Diary – Explore in Forest Part VIIII

Date: September 10th 2013

Text and Photos by Chiew Lin May


“Bears keep me humble. They help me to keep the world in perspective and to understand where I fit in the spectrum of life. We need to preserve the wilderness and its monarchs for ourselves, and for the dreams of children. We should fight for these things as if our life depended upon it, because it does.”
– Wayne Lynch (“Bears: Monarchs of Northern Wilderness”, 1993)

Here are the photos of female sun bear cub, Damai. She is now 14 months old.  She lives in the rainforest of the island of Borneo, where also home to clouded leopards, orang utans, elephants and rhinos. The bad news is that the main threats to sun bears are habitat loss and followed by hunting for bear parts. Adult females are killed and their infants sold in illegal wildlife pet trade.  Action is needed to increase and protect their habitat and species from major threats!!









Find out what BSBCC is doing to help create a future for sun bears. Please help us spread the word and create awareness for sun bears!

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