Damai, Sun Bear Cub Diary – Explore in Forest Part II

Date: April 15th 2013

Text and photos by Chiew Lin May

I share this earth with you !!

Just a few precious moments observed, but so much learnt and so many expressions seen!! Damai have such strength yet are adorable.
Remember that she share this earth with you !! Please spread the words for sun bears to help us keep fighting for their survival.

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Look there is a Damai’s claw mark on the tree.

She is busy searching for her favorite insects.

She found a new termite mound and keep busy on digging.

Damai have a strong canines to tear up the tree bark.

Damai feel sleepy after tired explore the forest.

Damai is a very good tree climber. She spend lot of time foraging, resting and sleeping on tree canopy of rainforest.

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