Damai’s Introduction to New Cage

Date: December 1st 2012

Text and photo by Gloria Ganang

Damai, the newest resident and currently the youngest bear at the centre is moving to her new cage. She is so much tinier (only about 5 months old) than the rest of the bears at the centre. Therefore, the process of moving her is a bit of a challenge as we have to slowly introduce her to the neighbors.  On the morning of the 24thNovember 2012, the BSBCC team gathered some natural elements to put inside her cage before Damai moves in. This includes dried leaves for the floor, fresh leaves as bedding material for her basket, tree branches as climbing structures and pieces of hanging logs in the middle. Well, this is how it looks like after we have completely set up her cage!

Next, it is time to move Damai in!

Her first reaction as she entered the cage was the basket. She instantly climbed inside and sniffed everywhere.

She then climbed down through the branches attached to the basket and continued exploring the rest of the cage.

Damai is new to the bears at the facility. Her unfamiliar smell made them startled and barked at her the first time she entered the cage. She gets frightened when hearing the barking sound. Therefore, she needs to be carefully observed every time she is in her new cage. This is until the rest of the bears get used to her.

Damai has a long way to go through rehabilitation. High hopes from BSBCC team that she could one day be living in the wild!

Check out Damai’s profile on our official website. You may click on the following link:


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