Damai- Captured Sun Bear Cub Now In BSBCC

November 9th 2012

Text by Dawn Tukalan and photo by Tee Thye Lim

The sun bear cub that was found wondering around at someone’s car porch in a residential area at Damai, Kota Kinabalu has been sent to BSBCC on last 5thNovember 2012 (Monday night). She was reported and captured by the Civil Defense Department, handed to Lok Kawi Zoo and later sent to BSBCC by Sabah Wildlife Department’s Wildlife Rescue Unit.

Baby Damai arrived at BSBCC on 5th Nov 2012, 11pm.
Delivered by Sabah Wildlife Department’s Wildlife Rescue Unit.

For more information about how was baby Damai found, please read the articles posted at newspaper few days ago.
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We named this female sun bear cub  “Damai”, after the place where she was found. Damai means “peace” in Malay. Weighing at 5kg, we estimated Damai is about 4 months old. When she arrived, she has a strong smell of pandan (an aromatic tropical plant) attached to her as her transportation cage was filled with pandan leaves.

Although baby Damai looks cute, she is no house pet. Please DO NOT keep sun bear as pet!

Baby Damai was fed with milk formula given by the Sabah Wildlife Department’s veterinarians.

She looks healthy and active as she started climbing and biting the things around her including the BSBCC caregiver.

We will try our best to provide her an ideal environment so that she will be back to the forest in the near future.

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Mystery of the sun bear at car porch

Sunday November 4, 2012

KOTA KINABALU: How a sun bear cub ended up at a car porch of a house in Damai, a bustling housing area here, is likely to remain a mystery.
Sabah Wildlife Department director Datuk Dr Laurentius Ambu said the three-month-old female cub found by a resident two days ago could have been illegally reared.
“When our officers went back to the place to ask about it the next morning, no one owned up to it,” he said.
Damai is a mere 10-minute drive from here.
Ambu said those found guilty of rearing or possessing protected species such as the Borneon sun bear could face a mandatory jail term between one month and a year.
The presence of the 4kg cub was known when the dog belonging to the house owner Blue Lum, 38, kept barking on Thursday night.
The cub is now at the Lok Kawi zoo. It will be sent to the Sepilok Borneon Sun Bear Conservation Centre.

Man finds sun bear cub outside his home


Saturday November 3, 2012
Surprising discovery: A Sabah Civil Defence personnel holding the sun bear cub after they captured it at a house in Kota Kinabalu.

KOTA KINABALU: The non-stop barking of his dog made a 38-year-old businessman step out of his house to take a look.
Blue Lum saw what looked like a puppy in his car porch.
“I left it alone and went in to watch television,” he said.
When the barking continued, Lum’s son went out to look and was shocked to discover there was a sun bear cub outside.
Lum said he immediately asked his son to come back into the house and then called the Civil Defence Department.
Kota Kinabalu Civil Defence Department officer Mohd Hazle Shah Hamid said a call was received at about 10pm and officers were immediately despatched to capture the cub.
“It was not violent when our officers carried it and put it in a cage.
“We suspect the sun bear cub was being kept by someone as it was unlikely to have wandered here from the forest,” he said.
Rangers from the Lok Kawi Zoo arrived about an hour later and the cub is now in their care.
The sun bear or honey bear is found in the tropical rainforest of peninsula Malaysia and the islands of Sumatra and Borneo.