Damai, Sun Bear Cub Diary – Resting on Tree and Forest Floor

Date: April 11th 2013

Text & Photos by Chiew Lin May

An 9 months old female sun bear cub, Damai is an arboreal bear. At the Kabili – Sepilok Forest Reserve,  Damai spend a lot of her time in roaming, foraging, digging and climbing trees. However, Damai will take a rest on the tree and forest floor too. Most of the animals have their daily pattern of resting and activities. Like other animals, Damai also give her brain and body a rest too. Damai will sleep on relax mode.  Sometimes if the weather is too hot, Damai prefer to take a rest on the tree rather than foraging for food.

An accomplished a good climber and a tree- dwelling, Damai has been spending most of her day on tall trees over 7 meters height above the jungle floor. Due to sun bears live in tropical temperatures, they do not hibernate like other bears do, as the warm and humid temperatures allow sun bears to find food all year long.

Sun bear cub will stay close with their mother for a long time. For a sun bear cub like Damai, she will sleep with her mother in the tree cave. It was so beautiful and awesome to watch Damai sleep. When you see her, please remember there are many orphans sun bears that have lost their mothers to poachers. Help save the sun bears!!

Here are couples of photos showed how Damai rest and sleep on the tree and forest floor with difference postures.

Damai loves to lay upon the tree tops when the weather is too hot.

Damai is an arboreal sun bear. She can climb and spend lot of time in the forest can

Take a rest after spend the day in digging decayed wood and termite mound.

Sun bears do not hibernate because they live in such a warm climate.

After finish digging the dead stump, she find a comfortable place to take a nap.

It was so beautiful looking Damai sleep peacefully.

Expression after wake up from nap!! Adorable!

So tired until sitting down rest on forest floor.

Amazing!! She choose a fallen tree to take a nap.

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