Damai, Sun Bear Cub Diary – Explore in Forest Part VI

Date: May 16th 2013

Text and Photos by Chiew Lin May

Sun bear is an arboreal bear. In the wild, let look what Damai doing and spending at  rainforest.

— Digging —

Damai is opportunistic omnivores that feed on termites, ants, beetles and other forest insect.

Damai is digging, foraging and exploring the decayed log.

Damai’s sharp claws and long tongues make her adapt at reaching into termite mounds to locate food.

Damai use her strong strength for turning over logs to get colonial insects.

Decayed wood was one of the type of feeding site for sun bear.

— Playing —

She play with the milipede !!

She likes to breaking the twig and play with the leaves.

Stick holding during play !!

— Climbing —

Damai is a very good in tree climbing.

Damai attempt to climb a variety of trees in search of food, rest or for play.

With naked paws and long curved claws, Damai is well adapted for climbing trees.

Damai learn to find food amd avoid danger from animals or human by climbing tree

— Grooming —

Damai busy grooming her paw to take off the leeches !! Sometimes the leech will become her meal.

She also will use her long tongue to take out the leeches.

— Resting and Sleeping—

Taking nap time !!

— Alert with stranger sound —

Using her stong sense of smells and hears, Damai will alert surrounding sound of the

Every  sun bears  has their own unique patterns of chest mark. No two chest marks is the same like our finger print.

This is Damai’s chest mark

With their forests getting chopped down and their babies sold as pets, we are rapidly losing our endangered sun bears. Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) aims to conserve sun bear through education, research, rehabilitation, and improve welfare for captive orphan sun bears. We need your help to achieve these goals !! And if you care about sun bears, you won’t want to be left out of the fight for their survival. They are depending on you !!
Here we wishing all the teachers  Happy Teachers day !!And wishing our BSBCC’s CEO & Founder Wong Siew Te  Happy Birthday !!

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