Damai, Sun Bear Cub Diary – Roaming, Exploring and Playing In The Forest

Date: July 30th 2013

Text, photos and video by Chiew Lin May

Over the last few months, Damai, a Sun bear cub has impressed us all in the BSBCC by demonstrating both her independence and digging and climbing skills. She is now one year old, but she can enjoy herself for hours digging at decayed wood and climbing the trees at the Kabili- Sepilok Forest Reserve.

Besides being busy with her digging, she also enjoys climbing and napping in the trees. In the forest, Damai is very curious and likes to check out anything “new”, especially the plants. Damai likes to explore by pushing and bending the branches, breaking the twigs, and playing with leaves. She will enjoy playing for hours as she tears the wood apart looking for termites and various insects to eat. Then, suddenly she will roll the log and explore around it. What a delightful mess indeed!

Damai is a fantastic climber, and she spends most of her day playing in the trees or around the decayed wood. It has only been a few months, and she has developed a very strong personality of her own, and has made amazing progress for her age!

Damai has a great expression and a whole lot of personality. We will keep telling you about the progress of the brave Damai who is growing healthy and strong in the BSBCC. She has lost her mother and her home, but she is in safe hands now. We will give her the best chance to grow up and one day return to a protected area in the wild.

Protecting and caring for the habitat of the Sun bear is extremely vital to ensuring they do not become extinct. Hope this never happens. Please help us spread the love for Sun bears!!

Here is a short video clip of Damai playing and roaming around the forest.

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