Special Moments with Wan-Wan and Mamatai in the BSBCC Forest Enclosure Part I

Date: August 26th 2013

Text and Photos by Chiew Lin May

On August 14, 2013 Wan-Wan, a seven year old female sun bear and Mamatai, an eleven year old female sun bear were released into the forest enclosure. The two bears are very different in appearance; Wan-Wan has a light pinkish nose and Mamatai has short legs and a stocky build. The two bears arrived at the BSBCC together from the Lok Kawi Wildlife Zoo, and have become quite the pair.

First steps to freedom!

Wan-Wan who known as “Light Pinkish Nose” was took a peek though door.

Mamatai (in Dusun language) mean aggressive attitude and she also known as “The Fatty”.

Wan-Wan try to get back in bear house.

For the first time in their lives, Mamatai and Wan-Wan have a safe place where they can live a peaceful life in a natural habitat. In the forest enclosure they can roam around, dig in the soil, rest in the tall trees, and truly enjoy the natural forest.

Once the door was opened, they were very eager to get out into the forest enclosure, but are carefully observing their new home; studying unknown scents, sounds, and movements around them.

Both of the sun bears is starting to learn what to eat in the forest.

I am in the real forest!

Using her keen sense of smell, Wan- Wan is very focused on digging in search for invertebrates.

A long and agile tongue for reaching into termite colonies.

Wan- Wan is scenting her new surroundings.

Mamatai is so happy and enjoys the freedom in forest.

Mamatai likes to spend most of her day sleeping and sunbathing under the tree.

Mamatai enjoys eating the King of Fruits-Durian.

Sun bears are important for seed dispersal in the forest ecosystem. After Sun bear eat the fruit, they will disperse the seeds in forest.

Sun bears are very good at skimming through the jungle to find any kinds of food (insects) they can get their paws on.

I am become a tree hugger bear!

Mamatai climbs a tree for a better look.

She learn how to split open the decayed wood and dig for termites and other insects.

Over the next few months both bears will be learning, growing, and enjoying life within the forest enclosure.

Sun bears are a very important part of the ecosystem and more people need to know why they are so important while there is still time to save them. Please lend a helping hand and spread the word. The sun bears need you!!

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