Dreams in the Making

Date: October 4th 2013

As of now the BSBCC has the capacity to rehabilitate 28 rescued sun bears, yet there are more bears waiting to be rescued from illegal captivity.  Our dream is to house, rehabilitate and reintroduce these bears to their natural forest home.  Today we can stand and watch, as this dream slowly becomes reality!


Each day construction of the new bear house grows closer to completion. The new bear house will allow us to care for more rescued bears.  Under the architectural expertise of Arkitrek, the facility has been designed to encompass a variety of sustainable building techniques, which involves utilizing existing buildings and re-using enclosures wherever possible.

This also includes a system for harvesting rainwater, an innovative structure for natural ventilation and lighting, and even some solar power.

The construction design also considers our capacity to properly care for these bears through their different stages of rehabilitation.  While the new bear house will allow bears access to a forest enclosure and areas for integration, the old bear house has been refurbished to accommodate new bears in a holding area with night quarters, a bear den, and a small nursing/examination area.


The current construction also incorporates a plan for integrative visitor educational areas, which remains one of the most exciting new additions to the BSBCC.


Part of the old bear house has been transformed into a visitor education and briefing area, which will be along the pathway of the new forest boardwalk leading to the observation platform.  With this completed addition we will finally be prepared to OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! 

With each new brick laid, our parallel dreams of providing care to more rescued sun bears and sharing these lovely, little-known bears with the world becomes a realized vision that we will be grateful to announce.



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