Notable Visitors (March – April 2015)

Date: June 8th 2015

Text and Photos by BSBCC

During the morning of 3rd March, Tom Stalf, President and CEO of Columbus Zoo and his staffs came to our Centre. Mr. Wong Siew Te gave them a tour around our Centre. Thus, we would like to use this opportunity to thank Tom and Columbus Zoo for helping sun bears and our Centre throughout these years.

Tom Shalf (right) receiving souvenir from Mr. Wong Siew Te.

Thank you for visiting us!

On the next month, 27th April, the new Director of Sabah Wildlife Department, Tn. William Baya came to our Centre for a visit. Together with the VIPs were the general manager of Rasa Ria Resort Mr. Jean-Michel, Mr. Sail Jamaludin, Dr. Sen Nathan, Dr. Toshinori Tsubouchi and many others. We are honoured to have him here as his first visit to BSBCC. Mr. Wong personally gave a presentation and guided him to the platform to see the bears in our natural forest enclosure. They were all really pleased to see our Centre doing well.

Tn. William Baya (left), Mr. Wong Siew Te (middle) and Mr. Jean-Marc Michel (right) walking towards our visitor centre.

Spreading the information through our information signboard.

Mr. Wong Siew Te proudly giving a presentation.

Tn. William Baya, spotting one of the sun bear resting on the forest floor!!!

Luckily, two sun bears spotted foraging for food near the observation platform.

Group photo with Tn. William Baya and the VIPs.

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