Great Experience at BSBCC

Date: September 13th 2015

Hi, my name is Kelvin Chee from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT). I just finish my study in Conservation & Management of Biodiversity and internship is a part of the requirement for my course. I’m feeling very lucky because can get a placement in BSBCC as many people apply their internship here as well.

This is the first time I visit to Borneo and finally I am here in Sabah!

Still remember upon arrival, the first staff I met was Nick. The funny thing was I do not know whether he can speak mandarin or not, so we just use English to chat. After reached office, only then I know he is a Chinese that can speak in mandarin too. And we just have a week to be friend as he went to further study in France later.

The first day I start to work in the bear house, Thye Lim as my supervisor run an induction to me and I still remember the words that he told me: Don’t think yourself is an intern student, but think yourself as a staff so you motivating yourself to learn and work hard and mix around with the staff. That’s why I start to follow their high pace working schedule on the second day. But that was really amazing because I learnt a lot of stuff especially how to work in a team and time management.

There are many stories to tell but I think I would like to choose some to say here. First what I thought intern here was just joining some outreach program or doing some field work. I don’t even know that intern need to wash the cages everyday! What terrifying is when you working in the kitchen preparing foods for the bears! Preparing the fruits but you can’t eat it under the hot weather and you are in hungry condition. What I mean is you can just easily get hungry during that time. And that smell of sweet corn and sweet potato will make you even hungry! Sometimes I will be duty in the kitchen for the whole week, and that particular week for sure I will buy some fruits from the market to release my tension! Besides that, the time when we making enrichments were really enjoying.  They always make laugh on me when taking bamboo from outside. There is a time when me alone taking the bamboo from the outside of the main gate to the bear house, and it was really harsh to me! As they said this can build my muscles?! Oh…. After two months, it’s really build up my muscle! Wow~ So working in the bear house will definitely train you as fit as possible!

What the saddest thing during the intern was the dead of Bongkud. I remember that was just my second week in here. This is the first time my experience where a bear strike by the lightning and died. It is really shock for me even my bonding with Bongkud was still not close on that time but I knew that she was one of the candidates being targeted to be release into the wild as she can make a nest on the tree. At the moment I just felt that Bongkud was a tragedy in her life story.

I am also very lucky because I am able to look and take part during the bears’ annual health check. During that time I was given an opportunity to assist the bear keeper to record the measurement readings and have the chance to stand besides watching the procedure.

I was glad enough because I am been given the opportunity to join the education team to Pitas, Sabah for the outreach programme too. Three days two nights was amazing and is really fun to interact with the students. This was really meaningful to me as I can be a part of the team to deliver the message to the future generation how important conservation and why we save the sun bears. Besides that, the opportunity to meet with the staff from HUTAN and wildlife department is also valuable to me.

The friends that I met during my intern time were so cool! Thye Lim, Lin May, Azzry, Lester, Roger and others make my day during the time. We always make jokes and laugh at each other and went crazy together. But of course, we are very serious when we are working. Sometimes they will also bring me around in Sandakan, eat and play. It was really fun and thanks for all kind of the activities had planned.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge Mr. Wong, founder & CEO of BSBCC for giving me the opportunity to learn here and his advices for me always encouraging me to keep on in the conservation field. Thank you very much!

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