The Integration between Ronnie with Sunbearo and Loki

Date: September 11th 2014

Text and Photos by Chiew Lin May

Like most mammals, bear cubs require intense maternal care during their first few months of life.  As cubs grow and gain mobility, they romp and play, but they never stay far from their protective mothers, who keep them safe from predators and other mishaps.  The mothers also teach cubs the secrets of survival— where to find food, and what to eat.  – Siew Te Wong

The rescued sun bear cubs have to learn to live together. The interactions between bear cubs can help them to develop and learn some skills that are needed in the wild. On August 25, 2014, we introduced Ronnie to other sun bear cubs, Sunbearo and Loki. However, when Ronnie was moved to quarantine area during her first arrival at BSBCC, she was not very welcomed by Sunbearo where Sunbearo kept growling at Ronnie. Therefore during the first integration, our team monitored them with extra cautions and were prepared for a sudden fight between them.

Luckily, after opening the sliding gate between their dens, Sunbearo was the first to initiate the play and it was Ronnie first contact with other bears. Both of them spent the most of the time playing at the small platform and basket. On the next day, Ronnie was integrated with another bear cub, Loki. Loki was very curious towards Ronnie and barked on her during their first meeting. When the two bears met, both of them played and wrestled immediately.

Integrate with Sunbearo. Sunbearo was waiting to enter next den and meet Ronnie.

Ronnie first meet with other bear!

The next day meet with Loki.

Looking at Loki how she tear the log.

Loki giving Ronnie a bite on her tiny canines.

Loki giving Ronnie a bite on her tiny canines.

On August 29, 2014, we integrated Ronnie with Sunbearo and Loki. Ronnie body size is small as compared to Sunbearo and Loki. They are now learning to enjoy their life again after suffering the pain from the loss of their mothers and being kept as pets by illegal poachers.


Seeming that they begin to understand each other better…

Showing a lot of teeth and claws in these play fight!

Sometimes, Ronnie continues to play even though she is already tired and exhausted. They like to climb, chase, and bite with each other. These three bears are getting along very well and showing no signs of aggression.

This integration is a great successful!

Tired after play!



The three sun bears are living together in the big den.

Learning the skills that need to cope in the wild.

Foraging for food.

She is enjoy eating fruits. Using her small claws as a fork to grab the frui

Climbing skill.

Playing with some enrichment.

However, Ronnie seems to be the dominant one if there is food. She becomes slightly aggressive by growling and barking to whom trying to approach her. She also makes it clear that she is no longer interested in playing but to continue eating. Nevertheless, the three of them still mingle well as Sunbearo and Loki perceived the message from Ronnie clearly!

Even busy with explore in the den, Ronnie still will keep alert with surroundin

Over the past few weeks, they explored, played, wrestled, climbed, foraged and rested together in the big exercise pen. Ronnie is now able to live in community and loves her new companions. She seems to become more playful and active in the presence Sunbearo and Loki.  All of us are very excited to see her begins her new life with other bears.

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