Meet Loki !

Date: September 9th 2014

Loki, one year old orphan female sun bear cub arrived at Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre on March 24, 2014. She had been confiscated by Sabah Wildlife Department who discovered her living in the backyard of an inn where she had been illegally kept as pet for about five months. Her previous owner purchased her from a friend in Ranau on west coast of Sabah and had named her “Ooi”.

The story of her background is still unclear but sad to think that her mother has certainly been killed. Loki has made tremendous progress during her time at BSBCC and has acquired many of the survival skills she that she will need in order to survive in the wild. We look forward to the day when she will live in the Borneo forests that she loves!

Steve Denim from UK, who has a passion for sun bears, adopted this very special sun bear cub and changed her name to “Loki” as a way to remember his cat who had been struck by a car. On behalf of the sun bears, we want to say “Thank You” to Steve Denim who continues to support Loki though the BSBCC adoption program. His continued support helps to rescue and care for this orphan sun bear ensuring her well-being and future care.

Loki arrived at BSBCC on 24th March 2014. Delivered by Sabah Wildlife Department’s Wildlife Rescue Unit.

Having a good snooze!

Integration with Sunbearo and Ronnie
Although sun bear is solitary in the wild, sun bear in captivity appear to benefit from social interaction.

Loki was very stressful and shy when she first arrived at the Centre. Now she has changed so much especially after integrate her with Sunbearo (one year old male sun bear cub) and Ronnie (6 months old female sun bear cub). They love to spending time together playing, chasing, foraging, climbing and resting.

Lovely to see them playing freely and enjoying themselves!

They enjoy and happily spend time exploring their den.

The joys of the play fight!

Loki is very sociable bear that like to join and hanging out with Sunbearo and Ronni

Enrichment for sun bears
Enrichment improves the well being of bears in captivity and improves reintroduction success by encouraging natural behaviours to survival in the wild. Enrichment activities include logs, tyres, dead wood, branches, twigs, dried leaves, fresh plant material, and etc.

Enjoying some tasty treats.

In the BSBCC, food enrichment introduces the necessary variation onto the diets of the bears.

Loki absolutely loves food and enjoys eating variety of fruits, termites, invertebrate and honey!

Sniffing out hidden pieces of fruits.

Little Loki is starting put her past behind her and is learning to be a wild bear again. Thanks to Steve Denim, she is able to enjoy the freedom to live her life as a sun bear!

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