Christmas Sun Bear, Natalie

Date: December 23rd 2013

Text by Kara Huggins (Intern from the University of the Sunshine Coast)
Photos by BSBCC staffs

Natalie, Latin for “birthday”, referring to the birthday of Christ, or Christmas, seemed a fitting name for the arrival at BSBCC of a 3 month old orphan sun bear on the 23rd of December, 2010. From the time of her rescue by the Sabah Wildlife Department through to her rearing by the BSBCC keepers and her introduction to the outdoor enclosure, Natalie has shown courage, determination and a natural instinct allowing her to quickly develop into a confident, forest loving sun bear and the group leader of Ah Lun, Runggus and Julaini.

As soon as the forest door opens in the morning she is out exploring using her boundless energy to climb high into her favorite tree, foraging for a meal of insects using her long tongue and sharp claws.

Here are the photos show Natalie in different age and grow.

Natalie is one of the sun bear cub rescued by Sabah Wildlife Department that sent to Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre on 2010. Wong was fed milk to Natalie when she is still 3 month old.

One big step for Natalie to passed her most important stage as an infant and starting to eat solid food and growing stronger.

Natalie is venturing outside the forest.

Her mother was probably killed by poacher and then she was captured by poacher and kept as house pet.

Natalie is becoming a master at sun bear locomotion! At this age, her survival skills is improve so much.

At BSBCC, because of the limitation of forest enclosure, we will integrate the bear together according to their age. Natalie now is the group leader of Runggus, Ah Lun and Julaini. They integrated well and seem to understand and trusted each other bette

After the integration and fence training, it is the time to let Natalie take her first step out to the forest enclosure.

They are enjoying their freedom in the forest with all the tall trees.

Natalie use her strong canines and long sharp claw to rip apart dead wood in search of insects.

Natalie is an excellent climber. She can confidently display all the skills needed to survive in the forest on her own.

Natalie and her friend like to spend time on top of the big tree.

Natalie climbs a tree to get a better look.

Natalie have a strong sense of smell which enabling her to locate the termite nests.

Natalie was took a rest on top of tree.

Natalie is enjoying the true forest ! Do not let sun bears disappear – NO to palm oil and the destruction of their habitat!

Natalie is fiercely independent and has developed all the necessary bear instincts to qualify her to be released back into the wild once funds are found to start the rehabilitation process.

Merry Christmas to all! Share the love!

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