Our Newest Arrival – Soo (Rescue Bear- 56)


Text by Chiew Lin May
​Photos by Azzry Dusain

At 7.10 pm yesterday (8th September 2017), a two years and four month old, sub adult female bear who had been kept as a pet by a family in Tambunan village, located in the interior Division of Sabah, was rescued by Sabah Wildlife Department and transferred to BSBCC. Orphaned sun bear Soo (Rescued Bear No.56) was purchased from Sook Keningau market and kept as a pet for almost two years. She was fed with rice, milk and cucumber.

Huge thanks to Sabah Wildlife Department for rescuing Soo. She has now settled into her new home with close monitoring at BSBCC quarantine. We will ensure she has a safe and secure home at BSBCC. Sun bear population is at the risk of extinction in the wild. Please do NOT keep or support having sun bears as pets!


Unloading Soo from the truck and she was placed into quarantine new home.


Our first glimpse of the new arrival, Soo !


As the door opened, she step into her new home with eager to explore her new surroundings.


Hope that Soo can put her terrible pasts behind her and rediscover her natural behaviour!

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