TV3 filmed BSBCC – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

TV3 filmed BSBCC – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Text and photos by Wong Siew Te

Malaysian TV station TV3 came to make a TV program for their popular TV documentary series Majalah 3 from September 14 – 19, 2012. The filming crew is consisted of the host and producer of the program, Irin Putri, a camera man, and a sound technician. The film crew has taken many rare footages of the sun bears in both the forest enclosures and in the bear house, and filmed the daily busy routine of BSBCC. They also managed to film the moving of Fulung and Bongkut, the sun bear yearlings, to the new bear house, interviewed Wong and Wai Pak, and many others.

In conjunction of the broadcasting of the TV program, Wong will be interview in TV3′s morning talk show Malaysia Hari Ini (Today’s Malaysia) from 7:30 am – 9 am Friday Oct 12. The program is schedule to be air nationally through TV3 at 9 pm on October 13. On the following day, “Big Dream Little Bear” will be premier at the Kuala Lumpur Ecofilm Festival ay al 6 pm Sunday October 14, Experimental Theatre, Universiti Malaya.

This weekend, millions of Malaysians will learn about Malayan sun bear!

Mr Camera Man and the sound man!

The host and the producer of the program Irin Putri from TV3. Irin has communicated with me since early last year for this project. I am so glad that we finally did it! Thank you Irin!

How can a show on sun bear without sun bear? Here is Kuamut posting on her role in the program!

Irin is making an enrichment toy for one of the sun bear at BSBCC.

Interviewing Wai Pak, the project manager of BSBCC. Wai Pak is by far the most important person and dedicated staff of BSBCC who make this project possible.

We also did a health check on Fulung and Bongkud when we sedated and moved them from the old bear house to the new bear house.

After four days of filming around the clock, we finally took enough footages of the program. Here are the TV3 and BSBCC’s crews at the observation platform after the final shot.

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