Bongkud meets new neighbors! – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Bongkud meets new neighbors! – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Text and photos by Gloria Ganang and Tee Thye Lim

Bongkud, a sub adult sun bear at the BSBCC meets new neighbors 2 days ago (11th August 2012). The little sun bear was rescued from a village called Bongkud near to the district of Ranau, Sabah and came to the centre last June. She was isolated in a separate cage throughout her quarantine period. Now she gets to stay in a neighboring cage with Fulung a sub adult male and also two adult bears, Kudat and Panda.

BSBCC keepers preparing the cage for Bongkud.

Spreading dried leaves on the floor of Bongkud’s new cage.

Bongkud, relaxing on her little platform while the staff are preparing her cage.

The transfer process went on smoothly. However it took some while for Bongkud to step into her new cage even though she was keen to go towards the honey smeared in the cage area.

Translocating Bongkud to her new cage

Fulung (left) checking out his new neighbor, Bongkud (right).

She finally stepped in. Instantly, she climbed around her cage the moment she noticed the space and unfamiliar furnitures of the cage. But what really caught her attention was her new neighbors. They were all curios and started getting closer and sniffing each other. This would be Bongkud’s first contact with other sun bears after a very long time.

Panda (further side of cage) meeting little Bongkud.

“Wanna play with some cardboard?”, Fulung.

Fulung, taking a nap in his basket after the integrating session with Bongkud.

Bongkud (front), can’t get enough of her new cage. She explores every part of it while Kudat and Panda (back) watches her.

Bongkud is getting used to her new cage now. She starts sleeping in the basket and plays around with the enrichmnents. She practices her climbing skills quite often although she started a little bit clumsy at the beginning. High hopes for this little bear to climb on real trees of the rainforest!

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