Facebook Fundraiser a success! Thank you all! – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Facebook Fundraiser a success! Thank you all! – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

First of all a big apology for the delay to post this blog that was long due, especially to a group of very dedicated volunteers and fans who help us to make the fundraiser possible.

June 2 was a great day for the BSBCC. It was the culmination of the second annual Facebook Fundraiser for the BSBCC and the first year that I was able to attend a portion of the event because of the time difference in this part of the world. Last year I had to be out of the country to attend a conference in China (with no access to facebook in China :( ) and missed all the fun.

When I got online on June 2, I was met by a very enthusiastic group on Facebook. Everyone had wonderful questions about the sun bears and about the BSBCC’s work in saving these bears. The Fundraiser began on May 15th with opening of the Sun Bear Kissing Booth. For each donation of $5 to the BSBCC the fundraising team would mail you a bright bracelet that said “Kissed By A Sun Bear”. The bracelets were very popular, raising over $800. Both the bracelets and the cost of mailing the bracelets were donated by the fundraising team. The prizes for the June 2 portion of the fundraiser were all wonderful and donated by by friends of the BSBCC, as well as, the cost of mailing these prizes to their winners who represented many countries around the world including the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, Belgium and Malaysia. Prizes included several artworks of bears including one by Maria Collin who won the Golden George Award (like the Oscars for bear artists) for her rendition of Jelita one of the sun bears at the BSBCC. This prized possession went to Anita Phillips in New York. Other prizes included two jackets from Eco-Gear in Canada, many beautiful jewelry pieces, stuffed sun bears, a quilt, high quality photos and many other special prizes. Donors of $50 and up could adopt one of the sun bears for a one year period. There were 39 people who donated between $50 and $510, so the BSBCC now has many new sun bear parents. Their names will remain in the BSBCC for one year so that all visitors can see who has adopted the bears. A photo will be posted on this blog so that you can see. Many others donated equally appreciated sums of money to the BSBCC for which we are eternally grateful. Donations of any amount are always appreciated and needed. With the number of sun bears at the center, there is always much need. All together this fundraiser brought the BSBCC $4800 US in much needed assistance. All the new sun bear parents are very enthusiastic about helping their sun bear children and I have heard that there may be a special event near Christmas to raise money for extra enrichment toys for all the bears.

A special thank you to the fundraising team who worked many months getting ready for this fundraiser. They are:

Karen Bohannon, USA

Deb Bryan, Canada

Maria Collin, Gernany

Anna Gee, Australia

Deirdre Kingsman, UK

Jill Wheaton Lindsey, USA

Anita Phillips, USA

Wendy Allison Reese, USA

Anthony James Saunders, Australia

Maureen Shafer, Canada

Sheri Reese, USA

Carolyn Wilkins Watson

Special thanks to Sheri Reese who very hard to make this fundraiser possible and tons of email conversation with me. Thank you Sheri!

I also like to recognize the following individuals who donated more than US$50 and adopt one of our bear. Thank you all! You are now officially the parent of the sun bears! Congratulation!

Anthony James Saunders

Big Heart Bing

Deirdre Kingsmand

Jo Buckingham

Joan Rog

Karen Bohannon

Kerry Mahoney

Linda Pickthall

Lori Collins Lindsay

Mary Katherine Pozzini

Peter Masscharis

Rebecca Hamilton

Sarah Rose Zirbes

Sheri Reese

Julie Diperna

Stacey WAtts

Wendell (Wendy) Tripp

Rachel Ann Williams

Jill Lindsey

Cindy Partipilo

Helen Ashworth

Estee S. T. Lim

Wendy Reese

Lesley Small

Delores Carlson

Susan Schildhaus and daughter Avery Shildhaus

Anna Gee

Dawn Edwards and Sue Edwards

Louise Bodin

Anita Phillips

Maria Collin

Guin Heeler

Michele Chartier

Angela Kyle

Joanne Nichol

Marion Wilson

Allison Tucker

Angela Kyle

Lori Conley

All and all, it was great event. I really hope this event can be an annual event where all of us get together and raise the awareness of the plight of sun bears and fund for BSBCC. It is only when we all work together we can make sun bear from the least known bear to the well known bears!

I am inviting all of you to join and “like” our new fans page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/#!/BorneanSunBearConservationFansPage

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Fans Page aims to provide a platform for all the supporters of BSBCC and sun bear lovers across the world to get together, to be friends, to share stories and thoughts, to spread the words and to raise awareness of sun bears. Everyone is welcome to visit and be part of the family of sun bear lovers.

With the helps from our new staff and volunteers, we also will launch our Official Page of Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in facebook. PLease stay tuned. Our new website www.bsbcc.org.my is ready and going live as we speak.

Finally, thank you and thank you and thank you again and again to make the fundraiser possible and successful. Again, I am grateful to all of the volunteers listed above, especially Sheri Reese, to make this wonderful event a success!
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