BSBCC welcoming new staff members – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

BSBCC welcoming new staff members – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Text by Anna Wade, Photos by Siew Te Wong

For a very long time, the BSBCC team consisted of 4 members of staff. Wong, Wai Pak and 2 keepers, Daniel and David. But since the beginning of this year, we received funds to employ more staff and have since gained a further 5 full time employees. Joining the bear keepers is Beyri, a great new contribution to the team. Since joining the team in the beginning of April, he already has a good working rapport with the bears as well as a wicked sense of humour which makes him a favourite with staff and volunteers a like. In the Office we have Gloria, Dawn and Thye Lim. All have strong environmental and conservation backgrounds and have already proven themselves to be hardworking members of staff. Gloria was the first to join the team in the beginning of April, with Dawn and Thye Lim starting at the beginning of May. Our last and latest new member to the staff is Kadsri, who has been employed as a general worker. This is not the first time he has worked here, as he was part of the construction team that built our new viewing platform. Kadsri is always keen to try his English on any of our volunteers and is always smiling. To celebrate the arrival of our newest members, we held an informal lunch, including volunteers, on our new viewing platform. This gave us all a fantastic view of the bears in the outdoor enclosure, and we could watch from a distance as they slept, engaged in play and climbed trees. After a lovely lunch, Wai and Wong expressed their thanks for all the hard work done by the staff and volunteers alike. After introducing each member of staff, they were presented with a ‘Save the Sun Bears’ T-shirt. The lunch was a great way for all the staff to get together and enjoy each other’s company outside of a working environment! We hope we can do it again very soon!

Makan! Makan! Time to have the lunch at the new observation platform.

Roshan (sun bear student), Wai Pak, and Daniel having a good time serving their lunch.

There is nothing more cool than having your lunch at the same time watching the sun bears having theirs!

One by one, Wong presented our T-shirts to our staff, start with David our bear keeper.

The sun bear team is growing bigger! Wong is no longer alone!!

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