Wildlife Heroes: 40 Leading Conservationists and the Animals They Are Committed to Saving – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Wildlife Heroes: 40 Leading Conservationists and the Animals They Are Committed to Saving – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

People around the world are fascinated by wildlife and wildlife conservationists – they are captivated by the animals, and those people working in the remote corners of the Earth to save them. Wildlife Heroes provides a visual and written window into the world of these admired individuals, the fascinating species and the issues that must be resolved to save them.
With one-third of known species being threatened with extinction, wildlife conservationists are some of the most important heroes on the planet, and Wildlife Heroes profiles the work of 40 of the leading conservationists and the animals and causes they are committed to saving, such as Belinda Low (zebras), Iain Douglas-Hamilton (elephants), Karen Eckert (sea turtles), S.T. Wong (sun bear), Steve Galster (wildlife trade), and Wangari Maathai (habitat loss). Since we all should have an interest in conservation, there is a chapter providing information on ways people can get involved and make a difference. Chapter introductions are by author Kuki Gallmann, actor Ted Danson, actress Stefanie Powers, Congressman Jay Inslee, and TV personality Jack Hanna.
The book’s stunning photos capture the beauty of the animals and the magnetism of the heroes as they work in the often grueling conditions where the animals live. Each chapter is introduced with a personal essay by celebrities who themselves are committed wildlife champions, including actor Ted Danson (Cheers, CSI), actress Stephanie Powers (Heart to Heart, Herbie Rides Again), US Representative Jay Inslee, TV Host Jack Hanna (Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures, Into The Wild), and author Kuki Gallman (I Dreamed of Africa).
Wildlife Heroes will appeal to both avid animal enthusiasts and casual readers wishing to learn more about our planet and the people working to protect it.
Julie Scardina
Julie Scardina is Animal Ambassador and Corporate Curator responsible for Animal Training and Animal Ambassador programs for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. Scardina serves on the board of the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, is an active mentor and board member with the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders and participates on the World Wildlife Fund National Council. She regularly travels into the field to learn about and document the projects and conservation issues so important today. Scardina shares her passion for animals and the parks education, conservation and rescue efforts as a monthly guest on the “Today” show and as a long time guest on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. Scardina graduated with honors from San Diego State University.

Jeff Flocken

Jeff Flocken is DC Office Director for the International Fund for Animal Welfare where he leads the organization’s policy experts advocating for animals. In this capacity he works on campaigns combating the wildlife trade and conserving polar bears, lions, whales, tigers, and elephants, among other species. Before this, Flocken worked for the US government doing international species conservation. Flocken has been a consultant on movies, books and television shows addressing wildlife issues, and serves on advisory boards for several wildlife organizations. Flocken is also the cofounder of the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders initiative which mentors and provides training for up-and-coming wildlife leaders. He has a law degree from Wayne State Law School, and graduated with honors from the University of Michigan.
The Heroes:
Marc Ancrenaz

Claudine Andre

George Archibald

Felicity Arengo

May Berenbaum

Shivani Bhalla

Elena Bykova

Rogerio Cunha de Paula

Ted Danson

Vera da Silva

Luke Dollar

Iain Douglas-Hamilton

Raoul du Toit

Sylvia Earle

Karen Eckert

Claudia Feh

Grace Ge Gabriel

Steve Galster

Kuki Gallmann

Jane Goodall

Edgardo Griffith

Rosamira Guillen

Jack Hanna

Alison Jolly

Gerald Kooyman

Belinda Low

John Lukas

Wangari Maathai

Laurie Marker

Diane McTurk

Patricia Medici

Stefanie Powers

Gregory Rasmussen

Eugene Rutagarama

Kassie Siegel

Claudio Sillero

Leandro Silveira

Judy St. Leger

Brent Stewart

Deborah Tabart

Nguyen Van Thai

Merlin Tuttle

Amanda Vincent

Siew Te Wong

The wildlife and wild places of our planet are threatened as never before by human population growth and our constant destruction of the natural environment. We desperately need wildlife heroes, and this timely book celebrates 40 of those who are struggling to save various species around the world. These men and women are shining inspirations, and hopefully, after reading this book, you will be inspired to do something yourself to help animals in need.”
Jane Goodall Ph.D., DBE, Founder – The Jane Goodall Institute, UN Messenger of Peace
Publishers Weekly
“Environmental advocates Scardina and Flocken profile the grassroots organizations, tenacious scientists, and willful philanthropists that shape today’s conservation policy and practice. Each portrait centers on a threatened or endangered species and describes the life and work of the person who has dedicated his career to protecting the species from extinction. Organized into sections corresponding to the four elements—Earth, Water, Air, and Fire—with introductory essays by celebrities like Ted Danson, the subjects are grouped according to their habitat, with “Fire” focusing on the broader threats to the world’s ecosystems. The pithy summaries of the activists’ struggles are accompanied by informative tidbits about the biology, behavior, natural history, and cultural context of the target species, along with delightful photographs of both human and beast. From the grassland-dwelling maned wolf of Central South America to the iceberg-hopping emperor penguin of Antarctica, the book shows how negative human interference imperils the welfare of all living things, and suggests that by taking an active role in conservation, education, and community building, we can help prevent the tragic loss of the world’s biological diversity.”
Booklist“Conservationists Scardina (a regular on Today and The Tonight Show) and Flocken have created an alluring book of dazzling photographs and stirring stories of adventure and breakthroughs that introduces intriguing “wildlife heroes” and portrays the imperiled animals they have dedicated, even risked, their lives to save… this keenly charismatic, solidly informative call for the preservation of life affirms that it is still possible, with concerted effort, to save animals from extinction.”

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