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May 17, 2011

Yesterday May 16th was my 42th birthday. At first I was thinking I would spend this day just like my other days – clean our office in the morning (Monday is cleaning day), work, spend time with our bears, and no one will know about my birthday. My family was not with me (have not seen them “physically” for 3 months, :( ) so I will have a quiet birthday. It turned out that what I experienced physically on my birthday was nothing special- no party, no birthday cake, and no birthday candles, but what I experienced in my heart from the cyber world was very special! From midnight of the 16th, friends from my facebook page across the world, many of them I never meet, started to leave me birthday wishes on my facebook profile page. Until today, there were more than 250 birthday wishes on it. I never had so many birthday wishes, ever, in my life. On top of that, my facebook birthday wish has raised US$495 for Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre from 14 donors. Thank you all for your birthday wishes and your donation to help our sun bears. I certainly can feel the positive energy from your wishes, encouragements, complements, and all the positive and cheerful words that you wrote! This energy keeps me and my team going and move forward!




Thank you all for your supports and wishes!


I spent my birthday with the 21 rescued-ex-pet sun bears at BSBCC. Jelita, Cerah and 3 others females came to greed me from their state-of-the-art forest enclosure. Seeing them walking, foraging, and climbing in this forest enclosure with dense vegetations, trees of all sizes, and fill with all kind of life forms are by far the most rewarding and happy experience that I can think of for this special day and all the hard working days in the past. I did not see other bears in their forest enclosure because their enclosures are so dense with vegetation and big that seeing a bear on forest floor or up in the tree canopy are actually very difficult. They live like wild bears! No more bars, no more cement floor, and no pacing. It made me feel that I have a purpose to serve in my life when I was born some 42 years ago.



I walked Natalie for few hours in the forest. She is now capable of climbing high on tree and do all the wild things that a sun bear would do in the forest. Very few people actually know how hard we work to make this project possible until this point. Seeing all of these bears free from cages and enjoy the mighty and magnificent forest make all the hard works over the last 6 years pay off.



Thank you all of you, especially those who help us in many ways to make BSBCC a successful project. Now most of our sun bears can enjoy the sun in the forest that they call home!
Thank you all of you who donated money for my birthday wish for BSBCC and wish me a happy birthday. I have a great birthday, despite a lonely birthday without family, and love ones. Thank you is the only thing I can say to you all.
Please continue to help us, support us, and help us spread the words and love for this little known bears!


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