Update of Natalie the sun bear cub – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Update of Natalie the sun bear cub – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Text and Photos by Wai Pak Ng, Acting Project Manager, BSBCC


Happy New Year! This is what I want to wish my fellow readers / supporters / sun bear lovers and friends. I know a lot of people, including you, want to read more about Natalie, the latest rescue bear cub. I am sorry to keep you all waiting.


Natalie arrived at BSBCC on the 23rd Dec 2010. Since then, she got use to our centre very fast. The bonding between me and Natalie grow stronger day by day. It is much easier to handle her now compare to her first week where she bitten me with her sharp milk teeth if I make her uncomfortable due to my clumsiness.


In the wild, sun bear cubs follow their mother up to two years. Unfortunately, little Natalie is now an orphan and she is totally depends on us. It is a great responsibility for us to make sure Natalie is healthy and ready to get back to the forest where she truly belongs.


Milk is still the main food for her. Her front teeth were just erupted, and we will slowly introduce her with some soft solid food. Besides feed her five times a day, I also walk her around the centre regularly. Very soon, I will bring her into the forest enclosure.



With all your support, the entire BSBCC team and volunteers will continue giving Natalie the optimum care to make sure she is fit and ready to be released into the wild in the future.


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