It all started with an email ...

Back in April 20th 2009, I received an email from Dr. Audrey Low, a Malaysian lecturer and educator based in Australia. Like many others who contacted me out of the blue, she had been following my blog about the works we done in BSBCC for some time. From her sincere email, she offered her help as a Borneo specialist, anthropologist, and nature lover, etc., anything that I can think of, as long as she can help. She also mentioned her Australian hubby, Howard Jackson, is a filmmaker who also teaches film production in university.

“Uhmmm…, filmmaker.. Borneo specialist…sun bear.. the least known bear in the world… “

It did not take a long time to figure out what they can help me and the sun bear.

Remember in my old blog about how can you help us? I mentioned: “do what you do best to help us!” Among a long list of things where people can do to help, “…if you are a film maker, make a film about sun bear and help us tell the world about their stories and plights“

So, after almost a year of emailing, and skyping between north and south hemisphere, Audrey and Howard will be coming to Sabah on April to help us produce a video about sun bear and our work at BSBCC to help sun bears.

You can read more about Howard and Audrey in their blogs at:

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