Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers regardless of species! Mom is always the greatest! The coolest! And the best!
Although I am pretending to be a mother of this poor sun bear cub who lost her mom to the hand of poacher, I am not even close to fulfill the great roles of a mother bear do and take good care of their cubs.
This is why..
Here are series of photos taken in my study area at Danum of a mother sun bear climb up a tall tree with her cub in search of honey. In the middle of the tree there was a bee hive with yummy honey. Not only Pooh bear loves honey. The sun bears also known as “honey bear” in Malay language because of their affection to honey. There is nothing can stop a sun bear from eating and finding honey, even if the bee hive is concealed in a tree cavity of a hard wood species 30 meters above the ground!
Although it may look dangerous, this is what sun bear do in the wid. The mother was showing her cub how to climb, how to get hold of honey, and of course, at the end, a good feast on honey- a good source of energy and nutrient.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers regardless of species!
May you all always be happy, joyful, safe and be at peace.

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