End bear farming! Here are what you can help to end them.

Last month I posted an article about one of the cruelest practice we human invented to treat the moon bears and small portion of sun bear in China and Vietnam. Many readers have show their concerns and offer helps to end this practice. While being so far away from China and Vietnam, all of us can do our part to end this practice that should never even begun in the first place.

Jeannette McDermott has launch Ursa Freedom Project. This project is a global campaign to liberate 9,000 bears from crush cages on bile farms in China. The intent is to move the bears from these torturous prisons to the country club at Animals Asia. Together we can do it!

So how can you help? You can help us by getting involve on whatever level you are able -- for some it will be simply uploading a poster to an internet site; for others it will be organizing a music concert for an audience of 1,000 people. And everything in between. So it will be different for every person. But we are asking that each person do at least one thing to promote the Ursa Freedom Project so the information spreads far and wide across the globe. We will not only raise sufficient fund to help these bears on the ground, but also raise awareness to end this practice. This practice has to end! There is no second options. The more people who know about Ursa Freedom Project, the more we can help.

The first thing for you to do is join the new Action Network and get the html codes for the poster, badge or banner, and then upload as many of these images that you like onto your blog, website, facebook, msn chat room, anything you can think of to help us spread the news.

Just click here to start: http://ursafreedomproject.ning.com/

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